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Used Cars & Trucks in Sarasota, Florida

Custom Jeep, Used Trucks in Sarasota, FL

Boyce Brothers Auto Sales in Sarasota, Florida, has used cars and trucks for sale, purchases junk cars, and offers complete repair services for all types of machines. Contact us and tell us what you need and we'll make it happen.

We buy, sell, and repair boats, cars, hot rods, Jet Skis®, motorcycles, and ATVs! We're passionate about what we do and strive to meet and exceed every customer expectation. This is why our customers feel like family and turn to us for all their automotive needs.

Got a junk car? We buy those too!

Need an engine overhaul or want a new look for your motorcycle? Bring it here and we'll get it done.

Our customers are everything to us, like friends. Contact us, and
we'll take care of you no matter what it takes.